Functional Docking Station

with multi-display / HV1-U60D2L

HV1-U60D2L is a multi-function docking station that can expand your computer’s potential. HV1-U60D2L links all your electronic devices to your laptop or notebook with just one single USB 3.0 cable. Now with HV1-U60D2L, you can access to large screen displays, and external USB drivers.

HV1-U60D2L has a built-in powerful digital video chipset supporting dual display output with each 2048 x 1152 high resolution. You can connect one or two external displays with resolution up to 2048 x 1152 each. You can view up to 3 displays simultaneously (including your Laptop screen). 3.5mm audio ports or the HDMI™ out port can pump out 5.1 surround sound, providing a true multimedia experience.

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July 10, 2016

Firmware update for HUD1-SU3 is now available,and it supports Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac OSX 10.8 or later